We aim to inspire!

At Reykjavík Eco-Campsite we try our best to make good sustainable decisions with our eco-impact choices. We want to inspire our guests to travel responsibly.

We are proud to hold the certification of Vakinn and previously the campsite has been recognized by Earth Check for its environmental achievements.

We reward those who travel around Iceland in a low-carbon way, offering a cycler discount for lowering carbon footprint.

Sustainable Choices

We try our best to make good sustainable decisions.

We have a Certificate

We have a Certificate from Vakinn and we’ve been noticed by Earth Check

Get a Cycler Discount!

As a reward for those who travel in a low-carbon way, you get a discount!

we are eco-friendly

Here are our Eco-impact actions

Reuse – Reduce – Recycle

Minimize food waste

Minimizing food waste by encouraging guests to leave all edible food behind for their fellow travelers.

Buy in bulk

Generating minimal waste with responsible purchasing, e.g. buying in bulk where possible.

Organize pick-ups by bus

Organizing pickups of guests by the highland busses directly at the campsite.

Save energy

Monitoring energy usage regularly.

Swap areas

Offering swap areas so guests can give away what they don‘t need and pick up what they can make use of.

Eco friendly cleaning products

Using environmentally certified chemicals only for all regular cleaning.

Car sharing

Encouraging car sharing among guests and promoting public transport.

Save water

Monitoring water usage, both hot and cold water.

Drink tap water

Not selling bottled water but encouraging guests to fill up their own bottles with our delicious tap water.

Recycle waste

Recycling carboards, paper, plastics, glass, metal, and organic waste.

Eco friendly soaps

Offering environmentally certified products in our facilities, e.g. hand soap.

Monitor waste bins

Monitoring waste bins and optimizing waste management.

Brand Name
Brand Name

Your eco-impact actions matter

Take part in sustainable actions!

We encourage you to participate in our sustainability actions. Have an eco-impact on Iceland’s nature by doing some or all of the following:

Take the pledge!

Go to this link to Take the Pledge, and be a responsible traveler.

Don't litter - Tidy up

Do not leave any litter behind. Tidy up around you and your tent/pitch.

Drink the Icelandic tab water

Fill up your water bottle and enjoy the pure Icelandic tap water.

Recycle your waste

Participate in recycling and separate your waste into the categories we provide.

Use the swap shelves

Use free food and swap shelves.

Be responsible with nature

Be a responsible traveler, not only in our Campsite but act carefully in our precious nature wherever you go in Iceland.