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The Campsite

Discover the modern and family-friendly facilities awaiting you at Reykjavík Eco-Campsite, all you need for an unforgettable stay. We ensure comfort with a focus on sustainability.

The campsite

Facilities & services

Check-in /Check-out

Check in is at 1PM and check-out is at 11AM. You’ll receive a 4-digit Access Code in your email that you need to keep safe. Use your access code at the gate and arrive instantly at your booked spot. Also used for the facilities.

Restroom & Showers

Access to clean bathrooms and private showers.

Free Wifi

Fast and free Wifi available at the campsite.

Outdoor Facilities

Sinks with hot and cold water for washing up, open BBQ area (without equipment), and wastebins for recycling.

Washer & Dryer

3 sets of washers and dryers, including soap. (Charged service, card operated).

Charging hooks

16A electricity hook-ups for RVs on marked pitches in Area A (charged service).


Our staff can help you with travel information and any general assistance you may need.

Guest Kitchen

Access to a kitchen with stove tops, sinks and counters for food preparation.

Pick-up services

For all booked excursions and for Highland Buses at the bus stop in front of the campsite on Sundlaugavegur 32.

Charging plugs

Found inside small lockers and outsite on campground.

Storage rental

Luggage storage option for a fixed day/week rate.
Rent-A-Box storage for luggage is card-operated and accessible 24h
Long-term storage for bike boxes is available for free for up to 6 weeks.

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access facilities for the convenience of all guests.

Please read through

Rules & Security measures

To ensure a pleasant stay, we kindly ask that you familiarize yourself with the following rules. Failure to comply with these rules may result in expulsion from the campsite. 

If you need assistance during your time here, please don’t hesitate to ask. Have a wonderful time!

Areas A & B

  • Area A is designated for caravans, both with and without electricity
  • Area B serves as a campground and parking area for campers who do not require electricity.

Reuse / Reduce / Recycle

Kindly sort your waste accordingly and make use of our swap shelf where you can leave items that can be reused by other travelers. Let’s all do our part to minimize our environmental footprint

No illegal drugs

No illegal drugs or excessive alcohol consumption in public areas.


Pets are allowed, but it is important to clean up after them.

No open fires

No open fires

Quiet hours

Quiet hours are in effect from midnight onwards. Please be mindful of the noise level during this time to ensure a peaceful environment for everyone.

Read thourughly

Safety guidelines

Position of Caravans

We request that caravans be positioned with their tow hooks facing forward, towards the road. That allows for convenient access and efficient connection if required. Thank you for your cooperation.

Distance between campers/caravans

  • The minimum distance between small campers is 1.8 meters (5.9 ft)
  • The minimum distance between larger caravans is 4 meters (13 ft)

Rules for security measures

At the Campsite, we adhere to strict rules set by the Icelandic Fire Authorities to prevent injuries, loss of life, and damage to property.

Stay safe!

We prioritize the safety of all our guests and depend on everyone´s cooperation. Please take the necessary precautions and keep your belongings secure.

Canopies not allowed in area A

Note that the use of awnings, canopies, or tents is not allowed in Area A.

Emergency number is 112

In case of an emergency, contact the nearest staff member or call emergency services immediately.

Fire rescue plan

A Fire Rescue Plan is accessible to all guests.

Use lockers

Please utilize the lockers provided as needed and follow all posted safety guidelines provided.

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